"Looking for a flatmate in Koramangala, 2BHK."

"Anyone looking for a roomie in Hyderabad PM me."

"Looking for a roommate in 15th block hostel."

These are common messages that pop up on Facebook feeds, Whatsapp groups or Instagram stories.  Roomway was made with the vision to create one unified social network for people to get to know each other in the capacity of flatmates, eventually helping them find that perfect person to share a house or room with. We aim to reduce the anxiety of moving into a new city by matching people with similar personalities, ambitions or goals so when you do find yourself in a new city, a familiar face will be waiting.

Diverse Locations

From college hostels to rented flats, find your flatmate in a place that is convenient for you

Did your roommate ditch you for someone else?
You found a perfect place but need an additional person to bear the costs?
You can quickly and easily add the location you are staying at and then sit back and relax. People searching for places to move into will be looking out for your listing. Or if you're the person searching, shortlist listings based on amenities and price to find the one that's best for you.

Connect easily

Find people wanting to move into the same city as you, working in the same company as you, or just someone having the same interests as you.

You can specify the roomies you are looking for - those with houses or those who are searching for one and connect with them! Get to know these people and make house hunting easier.

Let our algorithm help

Our proprietary matching algorithm lets you find your perfect flatmate based on a quick personality test.

The algorithm is based on verified compatibility tests that use AI to score how "compatible" you would be with someone.

Free forever

We don't believe in charging you to use our service. 

This website was created for the benefit of the people and it is our pleasure to serve you. Nevertheless, if you feel particularly philanthropic today, you can always get in touch with us ;)

Safe and secure

Your information stays confidential and isn't shared with anyone. 

Only what you decide to show on your public profile is public. If you feel that someone is acting inappropriately or if you think it's a spammer/scammer please write to roomway.in@gmail.com with the user's name and screenshots if any.

Utkarsh Chhapekar

Founder, Developer